Workplace Wellness

There is a growing amount of evidence that supporting employees in getting more physically active can create a healthier workforce, increase individual productivity, increase job satisfaction and decrease absenteeism and turnover. At Commonwealth Running Company we want to promote healthy living everywhere, including the workplace. We have a variety of ways that employers can offer a wellness program to their employees. 

Footwear Discount Program

As you know, we are passionate about getting people into the right pair of running shoes. Employees who are members of your wellness program will be entitled to coupons, discounts and exclusive store events and offers. 

Training Programs

At Commonwealth Running Co. we know that healthy people are happier people.  It is our passion to encourage and support individuals in their health and wellness goals.  We can help your company encourage employees to realize their wellness goals through our various training programs tailored to any and all fitness levels and goals. As employees of yours and members of the wellness program they will have access to these programs.

Race Opportunities 

Races are an amazing opportunity for people to come together to raise awareness for a cause, support others and their achievements and to test their progress and development. Whether a person is volunteering, cheering, or running, races are an amazing experience. Whether it is one of our signature races, or through one of our race partners, members of the wellness program will receive information for volunteering opportunities as well as race discounts. 

Free Lunch and Learns

We know running can sometimes be intimidating. Especially for someone who is getting started or who has a history of injuries. We offer free lunch and learns on a variety of topics to help those in your organization, who are interested in learning more, move toward their goals.