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Fun Runs! 
Every Tuesday we host a fun run at the store at 6pm. We go out rain or shine. We only cancel for lightning and/or temperatures below 0 or above 100 degrees (real feel). We run/walk 1-6 miles. All are welcome! 

How would you like to do a race where speed doesn’t determine the winner - accuracy does! 

Wait…what? How is this possible?! Well…Join us for the first ever Race with Precision 5 Mile Prediction Run! The goal of this race is to run the course in the time you say you will WITHOUT any timing device. NO WATCH!?!?

Race Date: Sunday, February 28. 

Race Cost: 38.00

Upcoming Races
Universal Sole Fall Trail Challenge Series                 October- December 2021
Evanston Subaru Flying Turkey 5k                                            November 2021