I just placed an order. How long will it be until it ships?

What a great question! I see patience continues to be a virtue...We do our best to ship orders out within 24 hours. However, on average we say 1-3 business days. Please wait at least 3 business days before emailing us. The more time our team spends on answering emails hours after an order is placed, the longer it takes to process your orders. 


Do you offer expedited shipping? What does "expedited mean?"

OMG! Such a good question! We do! It's $25. Here's what it means... when we arrive at the shop in the morning we start with the oldest orders for processing. First in, first out. If you pay for expedited you are at the top of our list. Your package is packed first. You skip the line. You're the head honcho! We also ship using UPS 2-3 day shipping. Here's what it ISN'T. It is NOT overnight shipping. It is NOT "Prime." It will get to you 2-3 days faster than the majority of our orders but if you want same day or next day arrival, if I'm being honest, and I try to be, we're not the place for you. We are a family-owned shop in Illinois and we do our best but we can't guarantee you'll receive your order within x-minutes of hitting "order." 


I placed an order for expedited shipping. I want to return my item. Is my shipping refundable. 

No. Shippers do not refund us. We cannot refund you. Sorry! We love you. But....no. 


I received my order and I loved it! I loved it so much that something terrible happened and there's a hole, it snapped, exploded, tore apart, didn't live up to my expectations in some way...What do I do? 

Oh man! I'm so sorry! We definitely want to help. If it's inside of 30 days, contact the shop and we will see what we can do! If it's over 30 days I would suggest contacting the manufacturer directly. Each manufacturer has different warranty periods for the lifespan of a product. 


 I want to exchange an item. How does that work? 

It's not you, it's me! You received something and you love it....but something...something isn't quite right...the size...the color....the ambiance.....no worries. We'll send you a shipping label as well as a $14 payment link. The label- that's self explanatory, I hope. The $14- that pays for the shipping back to us and the new item back to you....fun fact: it actually doesn't cover the shipping, but it covers a portion of it because we try to keep exchanges affordable to you and not business-ending for us. 


I sent something back for a return and the tracking shows that you have received it. How long until I get my money back? 

Sweet zombies of the third apocalypse! You want your money back? Please allow us 2-3 days to process the return. After that, your bank/credit card company/loan shark may take 1-3 business days to release the funds (we have no control over that). 


I'm returning something to you that I bought online but I threw out the packaging it arrived in. What do I do? 

Please find, make, crochet new packaging for it. We ask that items come back to us in the order in which they were received. Use a box, shipping bag or get creative (we've received shoe boxes wrapped in old cereal boxes, paper bags, etc...) to make sure the shoe box is protected. If items or their packages are damaged when they arrive we cannot sell them as new and so you could be charged a restocking fee of up to 30%.